Supporting families of young performers and athletes

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Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to provide emotional, financial, and practical support to families with children in the entertainment and sports industries. Our goals include creating a community, offering resources, and raising awareness about the unique challenges these families face.

Services we offer

Support and resources for families with children in the entertainment industry and young athletes.

Education on legal rights and protections for child performers and athletes.

Community events and networking opportunities for families.

Ulysses Yukon

Creative director / actor/ model

Meet the Team

Our passionate team is dedicated to supporting families with children in entertainment and sports. We strive to provide resources and guidance to help them thrive. Click here to learn more!

Testimonials from families we've supported

Our organization has provided emotional and financial support to families in need.

We have helped children pursue their dreams while also prioritizing their well-being.

Our community of families has found comfort and strength in each other.

Emotional support

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