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Who We Are

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Chicken Nugget Treehouse (CNT) is a passionate nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding children's rights and well-being, with a strong emphasis on STEM education, literacy, and support for young athletes. Founded on a legacy of child advocacy, CNT envisions a world where children thrive without fear, and their rights are honored. Our multidimensional approach, coupled with the remarkable success of young explorer Ulysses Yukon, reflects our commitment to nurturing young lives. With a global reach and a diverse team of experts, we continue to make strides in creating a brighter, safer future for children through innovative programs and unwavering dedication. Explore our mission, vision, and achievements as you journey through our site's structured sections. Join us in protecting, nurturing, and empowering children, including those aspiring in STEM, literacy, and young athletes. Your support as a donor, partner, volunteer, or supporter is vital to achieving our vision and making a positive impact.

What We Offer

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Child Advocacy and Well-Being

CNT ensures child rights, well-being, and safety through protection, education, and advocacy.

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STEM Education and Literacy

Spark a child’s flames of curiosity with STEM education and professional literacy, fostering opportunities for young minds to explore and excel.

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Athletes and Entertainers

Guiding light for aspiring entertainers and athletes alike, manifest your dreams and shine. We also offer mentoring and coaching to help them shine.

Our Impact

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52 NIH deal advocacy

72 current explorers

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Contact Us

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Your donations are tax-exempt.

We are a registered for 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, which means that all donations made to us are tax deductible. Our tax-exempt status applies to all donations, making them tax deductible. For non-taxable donations or other inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us

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1533 North RiverCenter Drive

Milwaukee, WI 53212

Monday-Friday 10AM - 3PM CTS

(262) 230-1160


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